How Can Every Sunday Be Like Easter?

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How to make Every Sunday Like Easter Learn to Make Every Sunday as Powerful as Easter Sunday!

As Pastors, we dreams of a church where every Sunday has the impact, excitement and attendance of Easter. Yet here’s the secret most churches don’t realize: it’s possible to create several "mini-Easter" throughout the year with focus and planning! 

“How to make every Sunday like Easter: Strategies for Making Every Sunday an Event” will teach you 14 strategies for taking ordinary Sundays and making them extraordinary!  

What will you learn in this 3-CD resource?  You will learn:
-  How to maximize the 10 most underutilized Sundays of the year!
-  How to make the calendar work for you
-  To identify the Sundays that you can grow during the Summer!
-  Discover 5 ways to stabilize attendance during fluctuating seasons
-  The 1 Factor you must have to turn any weekend into a Mini-Easter!
-  Plus, a Resource CD with every document you need to make this Sunday an unforgettable event in your community!
-  And much more! 

I believe that high impact days are one of the most effective tools in our arsenal.  

To reach our communities, it takes employing the most effective tools and leveraging them their greatest yield.

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