Hiring from Within Without a Problem

Bob FranquizLeadership

2 things are making post this today. The first is, I saw Tony Morgan’s notes from the Saddleback conference that he posted. What great stuff. His book “Simply Strategic Stuff” is fantastic. But what blew me away was the graphic that showed the rate of success in hiring from outside versus hiring from within. It was shocking! I put the file here so you can download it. Download ssswithblanks.pdf
The second thing was I received an e-mail from a church this week that’s looking for a new Pastor. There’s nothing wrong with that, because there are times when going outside is the right call. I guess I’m just hearing about churches looking outside their own 4 walls a lot more lately. It just got me thinking about the importance of making our own disciples as opposed to borrowing someone else’s. So I realized the difference: It’s as simple as e-bay and a physical store. E-Bay is great. You can look at the picture and description (Its’ résumé) and get an idea of what you’re buying, but you don’t really know waht you’re getting until you open the box. At a physical store, you can browse, handle the item, and come back later when you’re totally ready. So I’m not saying hiring from outside is wrong, I’m just saying inside is our best bet.