Hey Mr. DJ…

Bob FranquizChurch

Mark took our worship team to the next level this morning as Ivan, one of our new guys was added to the band as our resident DJ. It was awesome! I’m amazed at what adding another layer of music does.

Plus, I was doing a message in Mark 3 on the Sabbath, so I had him come up and lay down some dope beats as I talked about the Sabbath being an opportunity to create rhythm in our lives. He started playing the opening beat to ‘Walk this way” and adding his own flavor to it. I grabbed the guitar and starting jammin’ some Aerosmith as well. It was fun. (Yes, we had this planned)

Most importantly, the point got across. But man, adding a DJ was rockin’.

By the way, I realized today just how old I am. When Mark told me about adding a DJ, I had an old-school, Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five version of 2 turntables in my mind. At least something with 2 CD’s. Not so. It was a laptop, 2 external hard drives, a small keyboard, and what looked like a drum machine type thing to control the beats. I’m out of it. But it was awesome!