Help for Creating Safeguards in your Life

Bob FranquizChurch

It's only March and I've seen 3 people I know fall into sexual sin and disqualify themselves from ministry. It breaks my heart to see this because each of these men love God and yet are experiencing the discipline of the Lord. 

Do I think God is done with these men? Absolutely not. Our God is one of restoration and reconciliation. As long as these guys submit themselves to their spiritual authorities and follow their godly counsel, I believe we will see these men serve the Lord again. 

Having said that, this can happen to any of us. The person who "thinks he stands should take heed lest he fall" (1 Cor. 10:12).

We need to create safeguards in our lives that keep us from dancing on the edge and flirting with sin. Some may think what I do is extreme, but I can promise you, every guy I know that has fallen into sin doesn't believe these practices are extreme anymore. 

So I pulled a chapter out of my book, "Zero to Sixty" where I talk about creating safeguards and my experience up close with a fallen Pastor and how it affected me deeply. 

It's yours totally free. You can request the report here and we'll email it to you. 

I want to see you finish well. My hope is that you use these safeguards to keep yourself from the kids of sins that would disqualify us from ministry.