Have your Book Written by the New Year!

Bob FranquizGeneral


I believe you’re closer to writing your book than you think.

Most people think it takes a year or longer to write a book.

If you’re a pastor or church leader, you can cut that timeframe down considerably.

That’s why I’m leading a webinar this week called, “Get your book written in 90 days”.

In this 35 minute webinar, I’m going to teach you the steps you need to get your book written in a maximum of 3 months.

It took me 6 months to write my first book.

Every other book I’ve written has been written in 90 days or less.

So click here to join me for this practical, nuts and bolts webinar on writing.

If you’re serious about writing a book, this is great training for you.

Plus, it’s totally free!

Click here to get more info and register.