Halloween Thoughts

Bob FranquizChurch

Every year I get asked if our church going to do something for Halloween. Usually that’s code for “How do we deal with the Devil’s version of Christmas?”

Here’s my thoughts on the subject (feel free to disagree, but also feel free to not send me links to sites about witchcraft and/or the winter solstice):

#1 – This is a great opportunity to get to know your neighbors.

#2 – This is the one day a year everyone in your neighborhood is going to knock on your door.

#3 – Christians should have the best candy on the block. Brach’s candy is for the elderly. If I find out anyone in our church handed out pennies, I’m going to egg your house myself 🙂

#4 – Halloween has bad roots, but I doubt that the 7 year old at your door dressed like Anakin Skywalker is actually a devil worshipper. He’s heard that the people in his neighborhood are giving out candy.

#5 – Halloween is not a day for Christians to hide out at church. It’s a day to be light and salt.

#6 – Once your kids get all the candy they can carry, this is a great opportunity to teach your kids about tithing. You get to be God. (Thanks to Scott for opening my eyes to this opportunity , I mean “truth” 🙂

Happy Halloween, Charlie Brown!