Great posts I’ve Read Recently

Bob FranquizChurch

I’m sure many of you are reading these blogs, but if you’re not, here’s a few posts that have made me think recently…

Craig Groschel’s series on barriers was great. But his whole “Above the Line/ below the line” deal was out of hand. These 2 paragraphs are better than 1/2 the books I’ve read this year!

Ben Arment’s post on “The Klondike Bar Effect” is great. It’s a good read for those taking attractional ministry to a ridiculous extreme.

Steven Furtick’s post on being scared was powerful. It was as honest a post as I’ve read in a while.

Tim Stevens was in Miami this week. He wrote that Miami is very different than Granger, Indiana. Very true. Here in Miami, even the mannequins get breast implants šŸ˜‰

Tony McCullum’s thoughts on what he learns at every conference is so true. I’ve never put it into words, but I totally agree.

Lastly, I watched Tony’s “One Day at a Time” video when he posted it and died laughing. What I didn’t realize was the lasting effect it would have on me. I was driving to pick up some dinner for Carey and I tonight and as I got in my car and was picking a song to play off my ipod, I spontaneously began singing “One day at a time sweet Jesus…”. Therapists are standing by…