Great Outreach Effort!

Bob FranquizChurch

I've been getting some great reports this week from Pastors I work with. My friend Chris who is planting a church in New Hampshire used our direct mail and Facebook strategies (as well as other things) and saw 179 people at his launch on Easter! 

Picture 2  In fact, he sent me one of his Facebook ads to check out. I got his permission to post it here. It's a great ad. It was all the elements: 

1. The color pops

2. The copy catches your eye (In New England, anything about the Sox is eye catching)

3. The body text clearly lets people the important info about their church

4. There's a clear call to action (which is missing in many church Facebook ads

Anyway, there's a lot more that's right with this Facebook ad, but suffice it to say that God used this ad to reach a lot of people.  Great job Chris! 

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