Going from Un-magnetic to Magnetic

Bob FranquizChurch

I've been out of town the last 2 weeks and in the Sundays I've missed over 30 people have come to know Jesus! (That's not counting the recommitments by the way).

I remember praying that God would send us 1 person who would pray to receive Christ in our services. It took us 18 months for the 1st person to come to know Jesus at Calvary Fellowship.

Being part of the transformation of our church is part of why I'm so passionate about helping churches become magnetic in reaching people far from God.  

That's why I'm really excited about sharing our story and the principles that created a culture of evangelism in my newest tele-seminar entitled, "The Magnetic Church".  

Instead of seeing new believers fall through the cracks, become a church that sees new believers stick like a magnet!

If there’s one thing churches should excel at, it’s helping new believers go from infancy to maturity in their faith.

This tele-seminar will not only give you the tools to help new believers take intentional steps in their faith, but it also help you turn your church in a magnet where unchurched attend looking for answers.

Here's what I'm going to talk about in this 2-hour tele-seminar: 

– The 1 thing you MUST do if you are going to effectively follow up with new believers
– The secret weapon that will exponentially increase your new believer retention rate
– How to stop sabotaging your follow up process
– You will understand the 1 thing that new believers desire that must churches overlook
– The 3 essentials that make a church magnetic
– How to double your first time decisions!
– Understand the true dynamics of how new believers grow
– Plus, much more!

The best part of the tele-seminar format is that you can train your whole staff for the cost of one registration!

Plus, you don't have to travel. Simply call in at home or from the office!

Here's the link to register.