Getting Things Done Book Review

Bob FranquizBooks

014200028001_bo2204203200_pisitbdp500arrGetting Things Done by David Allen is out of control. What a fantastic book! If you want to get your life organized and start getting work done, this is the book to read. I heard a stat that the average person only works 2 hours in an 8 hour day. Why? Probably because he or she can’t give enough attention to one thing for any length of time with all the disruptions, calls, emails, people, and thoughts that are constantly bombarding us.

Here’s 10 things I got out of this book that I’m going to start implementing right away:

#1 – Institute a “Dumpster Day” at our office – This is a where turn the phones off and throw out, organize, and clean up our work space.

#2 – Write down everything I have to do in an organized format that I will refer to regularly.

#3 – Deal with issues by matter of priority, not urgency – the squeaky wheel will get oil when I get around to it

#4 – If it can be done in 2 minutes or less, I’m going to get it out of the way.

#5 – I am going to start delegating a lot more – I don’t need to be doing 1/2 of what I am doing.

#6 – I am going to keep my inbox empty by creating folders to that I will review and respond to when I have time.

#7 – I am going to keep everything I need to do “Out of my head” and instead, in a file that I will refer to.

#8 – I am going to reinforce my “When I doubt, throw it out” policy”

#9 – I am going to buy a copy of this book for everyone on my staff

#10 – I am going to read this book again