Getting Started in Leadership Development

Bob FranquizGeneral

Since we released our resource, “The Leadership Pipeline”, earlier this year, I’ve been getting some questions about where to begin in starting to develop leaders. I discuss this in great detail in the resource, but I’ll share a few things here:

1. Start training your existing leaders – Giving training to your existing leaders makes them better leaders and allows you to create the model for the next level of leaders.

2. Keep a list of potential leaders – We keep a list of people that we have our eye on at Calvary. This list is those who are serving faithfully and growing in the Lord. This way, when the next round of training comes along, we already have a group of potential participants to invite.

3. Decide what your leaders need to know – Peter Drucker said, “Start with the end in mind.” That being said, think about the kind of leaders you want, then reverse-engineer what they need to learn to become that kind of leader.

4. Never compromise proven character for potential – I have an entire chapter on this in my book Zero to Sixty, but the point is that as Pastors we can discern those who have great leadership potential. But we should not act on their potential alone. That’s why the Bible says that deacons “Should first be tested.” (1 Timothy 3:10)

5. Keep Leadership development at the top of the priority list – this is an area of ministry that won’t scream for your attention until you’re in a leadership crisis. So start ASAP.

There’s more, but this should get your own ideas flowing.

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