Getting out of the Slump

Bob FranquizChurch

One of the most common questions I get in coaching is about getting out of a financial slump or increasing giving in general.  

Call me a minimalist, but as far as I can tell you really only increase giving 2 ways: 

1. The current givers give more

2. Inspire new giving 

I believe both are effective strategies and you should have a system in place to help current givers reach a place of generous giving and for non-givers to begin giving consistently.  

At Calvary, we have used the Tithe Challenge as the tool that does both. Normally the tithe challenge is used to help non-givers stick their toe in the water of giving. But we have seen this as a great tool to inspire generosity even above the tithe. 

The key to seeing this happen is found in following up differently than those who are simply committing to tithe.  

I talk about this in detail in our Tithe Challenge resource, which I highly recommend if you're looking to inspire new giving AND encourage people to greater levels of generosity.  

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