Get More Done in 2010!

Bob FranquizChurch

One of the questions that come up with every coaching network I lead is, "How do I get it all done?" 

Generally, I would share some principles that have helped me be more productive. 

However, I felt as though I needed to be a bit more comprehensive to help leaders be as effective as possible.  

That's why I recorded "The Productive Leader". This resource contains 24 of the most powerful productivity insights I have ever come across. These are also the same principles that I use in my own life.  

So with a new year around the corner, I want to make the Productive Leader available to you for only $29!  

Simply click here and add "The Productive Leader" to your cart and use the code productive to get this resource for only $29!  

I hope this helps you get even more done and reach more people in 2010!