Full Power for a Message called “Black”

Bob FranquizTeaching

1155048723_colors Since we had full power back today, we continued our series on stewardship that we’re calling, “Colors” and I talked about being in the black. The thrust of the message was that when we tithe, God gets involved in our finances and takes responsibility for providing for us. Anyway, I taught from Matthew 6:24-34, but I referenced Haggai 1:2-7. When I went to read it however, it didn’t sound right.

Here’s what I read, “Bring charges against your mother, bring charges; for she is not My wife, nor am I her Husband! Let her put away her harlotries from her sight, and her adulteries from between her breasts; Lest I strip her naked…”

I started explaining that this is referencing Israel, but then I realized that this isn’t the point I was trying to make. So I looked again and wondered where the passage about putting money in bags with holes in them was? Then I realized I was reading Hosea 2, not Haggai 1. I had put my Post-It note on the wrong page! Needless to say, it was hilarious and I felt like a complete idiot! I looked over at my wife, and she was laughing so hard, she was crying. She wasn’t alone!

Good Times!