Full on Depression

Bob FranquizUncategorized

I don’t know what I feel worse about, there being no power in church yesterday (which turned out surprisingly well) or the absolute pounding the Red Sox have taken over the last 3 days. I stayed up until 2AM watching the horror that was Sunday night’s game. This has just been horrible. I walked into the supermarket today to pick something up for Carey and I was wearing my Red Sox cap and a guy wearing Yankees shirt just looked at me with a face that could only be described the way we look at someone who’s been eating out of a dumpster: it’s kind of sad, but if they’re hungry and desperate, I guess it’s OK.

Needless to say, the Red Sox pitching has completely collapsed. I ask myself, “This is what $125 million buys you?” But Seth had a link to a video that circulated after the 2004 World Series, but the Nazis over at the Commissioner’s office squashed it. Needless to say, here it is. The background music is my favorite song of all-time (how can you be from Boston and not love Aerosmith?) So watch and enjoy, and learn the mantra that my dad taught me: “There’s always next year.”