Friday Stuff…

Bob FranquizChurch

Taking a few days off. Really needing it. After traveling as much as I have recently, I need some time to reconnect with my family.
– That means we'll be in the pool for the next 3 days if my daughter gets a vote ­čÖé
– I've been really blessed by the feedback from the newsletter. People seem to be really enjoying it. Next edition goes out Tuesday. You can subscribe here.
– Just read Jim Collins new book,
"How the Mighty Fall". Um… it's powerful!
– I can't believe the Coaching network I'm leading is almost over! Spending 8 months with a group of Pastors once a month on the phone has been great. Proud of all that these guys are doing. 

Email me if you're interested in my next network. Not sure when it's starting, but I'll keep you on the list of people who are interested.
– We've had a great response to our newest resource,
"How to Make Every Sunday Like Easter". The calendar gives us a lot of Sundays that can be huge for our church. We simply need to know the tools to maximizing these days.
– By the way, we're having a Memorial Day sale over at Now is a great time to 'stock up' on some resources you've been meaning to pick up.
– I mentioned on Twitter that my publisher just shipped me a bunch of cases of my new book,
Zero to Sixty: 60 principles and practices for leading a growing church! Can't tell you how excited I am see this book out. Amazon will have it by June 1st, but will have it before that.
– We have a big weekend coming up at
Calvary Fellowship next weekend. We're doing a combined service in the amphitheater at C.B. Smith Park. Should be awesome.
– I think this will be the 1st outdoor service we've ever done. I can't wait!
– It's going to be 1 service at 11AM. Then a BBQ and then our worship band is going to do a concert. It's going to be great!
– Well, I brought a bunch of books with me to read, so I'm out…