Friday Rewind

Bob FranquizChurch

Here’s what you might have missed this week at as we talked about getting the most out of the summer:

Sunday – In this week’s Sunday Stuff, I talked about the grind of preaching and how much I’m loving preaching through Romans.

Monday“Making the Most of Summer” was about the things we need to do to ensure that we don’t experience the giving and attendance slump most churches experience.

Tuesday“Surviving the Summer Money Crunch” was about inspiring new giving over the summer. I even highlighted one of our resources to help you implement this immediately.

Wednesday“Building Momentum over the Summer” was about the steps you must take to build momentum that carries you into the fall.

Thursday“A Forgotten ‘to do’ during the summer”. This post focused on the role of planning during the Summer so you don’t miss out on an explosive Fall.

Have a great weekend!