Free stuff!

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Just wanted to put on your radar some free stuff that's available on the site.  

1. There's a special report I wrote called, "How to Think Like an Unchurched Person" – Free 
2. There's an article I wrote on the subject of portable churches that appeared in Church and Worship Techonology magazine – free
3. There's the mp3 of a message I taught called, "Tuning in to God" on the subject of hearing God's voice – free
4. There's an mp3 of a message I taught called, "Who are you?" from a series I taught in Colossians.  It deals with understanding God's calling, who God created you to be and our identity in Christ – free.  
5. There's a .pdf of the introduction and Chapter 1 of Zero to Sixty: 60 principles and practices for leading a growing church – free!
Bottom line – there's a bunch of free resources available at the website. You can find them by clicking here. I hope these resources are a blessing to you.