[Free Resource] The Easiest Decision in the World!

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[Free Resource]
The Easiest Decision in the World!

I’ve got some great news to share. My book 
Pull:Making your Church Magnetic 
just went into its 2nd printing! So in light of this great news, I wanted to give you an opportunity to pick up a copy of Pull for free. 
All you have to do is pay the $3.99 shipping cost. 

There’s 2 things I want you to know

 about this offer: 

#1 - I have 150 copies of Pull. That’s it. So once they are gone, this offer is over.  (I just emailed over 25,000 pastors, so you do the math on how quickly this offer is going to expire). 

Here’s what some people had to say about Pull….

"When I was planting National Community Church, I longed for a resource that provided nuts-and-bolts strategies for reaching people. If you're planting a church or leading a church of any size, this book will help you use every possible means to get your message out and ultimately see more people respond to the gospel."
Mark Batterson, founding and lead pastor at National Community Church, Washington, DC; author of The Circle Maker

"The church is filled with theories about how to 'do' church, but few people are writing who have actually done it. Bob has written a book that will help you do what you're called to do as a pastor: reach people for Jesus. Pull is practical and insightful and will help you take your church to the next level."
Perry Noble, founding and senior pastor of NewSpring Church, South Carolina; author of Unleashed

Why am I doing this? Simply put, this book is the story of Calvary and the story of my journey from struggling pastor to leading a church that’s reaching people. 

#2 - Here’s the second thing I want you to know… Please read this: picking up a free copy of Pull comes with a 14-day test drive of Evangelism Ninja (my coaching network for pastors who want to reach more people in their community).

There is no charge during the test drive period. I simply ask that you give it a try and see if Evangelism Ninja is right for you. You receive more than $1,297 in coaching and done-for-you resource when you join. Seriously, this is the easiest decision in the world.

If you are ready to pick up a free copy of Pull (and only pay $3.99 for shipping), then click the link below to get started.

I’m ready to to receive my free copy of Pull” Making your Church Magnetic

Start Reaching Your Community with the Gospel Today!

Plus, when you pick up a copy of Pull, you automatically receive a 14 day test drive for Evangelism Ninja (that includes $1,297 in coaching and done-for-you resources)