Forget about Branding

Bob FranquizChurch

One of things I teach the Pastors in my Explosive Outreach Coaching Network is to forget about branding and focus on results with your outreach pieces. 

Here's why: Unless you're Google, Microsoft, Apple, Budweiser, or Ford, you don't have enough resources (that would be millions of dollars) to really "brand" yourself. 

So what should churches focus on? Churches should focus on promotion that brings results (i.e. getting people to your church). 

That's why your promotion should be driving the recipient towards attending one of your services. 

Don't listen to the guys who tell you that while your direct mail piece (or Facebook ad, or billboard, or sign) didn't get anyone to your church, it was still good branding. There's a word for that: lame!

Instead, our goal as church leaders should be to invest dollars in promotion that get people to our services so they can hear the Gospel and respond. 

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