Focus your Time

Bob FranquizChurch

Most leaders that I know have a "to do" list each day. But that doesn't mean their time is focused. 

The problem is, a "to do" list isn't enough. Most "to do" lists have no rhyme or reason to them. Item #1 may say, "Write Sunday's Message". Item #2 may say, "Check voice mail". 

Both items matter, but they need to be categorized and prioritized. That's one of the keys to prioritizing your time. You need a "To Do" list that not only has the tasks that you need to accomplish, they need to be in order of priority. 

That's why I recommend having a plan before you get into the office each day. This way by the time you sit in your chair, you've outlined the things that need to get done and the amount of time they should take. 

When you say, "I've got 3 'must do' items on my list. I'm not going home until these 3 things get done." When you operate like this, you become infinitely more effective because you're completely focused on the most important things for that day. 

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