Favorite Books of 2010 (so far)

Bob FranquizBooks

I've read a lot this year (thank you iPad), but these are my personal favorites so far: 

How to be a Fierce Competitor by Jeffrey Fox – I love everything Jeffrey writes, but this book was one of his best. This was a great book on the practical stuff that makes people effective. Loved this book!

No Excuses by Brian Tracy – This was a great book about taking personal responsibility and getting things done in your life without making excuses. Very motivational. Really enjoyed this one. 

7 Lessons for Leading in a Crisis by Bill George – This is a short book, but a powerful one. If you're going through any kind of transition or difficult time in your church, this is a great one to read. 

The 5,000 year leap by Cleon Skousen – this is the best book I have ever read on the subject of the philosophy behind the constitution and the founding fathers. Absolute must read if you live in America.

Rework by Jason Fried – So practical. So helpful. I love books about getting things done and this book is one of the best on the subject. 

Church in the Making by Ben Arment – I loved the idea behind this book. Few books about church planting have a lot of original ideas. This one definitely did. I make me think about how we sent guy out in the future. 

Sticky Teams by Larry Osborne – so far this is my favorite books this year. One of the best books on staffing and team building that I have ever read. It's a must read.