Favorite Book: March 2010

Bob FranquizBooks

513WBm4-1DL._SL500_AA300_  I read a bunch of books in March, but my favorite by far was Sticky Teams by Larry Osborne. 

I read everything Larry writes and particularly liked "Ten Dumb things Smart Christians believe" and "The Unity Factor", but this was by far my favorite book that he has written. 

It's a smart, funny and quick read that give you page after page of nuggets and godly wisdom from someone who has been in ministry a long time. 

I loved several things about this book: 

– A real look at the role of a Senior Pastor

– An honest look at how a staff really works

– Great insight into manage a board of directors

– Great tips of hiring

I thought about copying and pasting a long list of quotes that I highlighted while reading the book, but I thought that would only slow you down. You need to buy this book pronto. I'm planning on working my way through this book with my entire staff. You may want to consider doing the same.