Favorite Book: April 2010

Bob FranquizBooks

513WBm4-1DL._SL500_AA300_  I read a bunch of books in April, but my favorite was Sticky Teams by Larry Osborne. I read everything Larry writes and have been challenged by his books personally and as a leader.

I thought instead of my thoughts on the book, I'd give you some quotes that particularly stood out to me: 

"I don't think it's an accident that Jesus predicted church growth but prayed for unity." 

"Rather than blasting it all at once, I drip vision and core values into every sermon I preach."

"Our primary job is to listen to, discern, and carry out God's will, not the congregation's."

"Whenever a staff member's giftedness and platform surpass their character, it eventually creates disillusionment and cynicism among those they work with." 

There's so much more wisdom in this book. I'd highly recommend that you pick up Stick Teams. I believe you'll be a better leader because of it.