Facebook Ad Essentials

Bob FranquizChurch

This week we’ve been talking about Facebook ads. When it comes to successful Facebook ads, you need to have the following:

1. Know What you can and Can’t Do – Online evangelism/ marketing is most effective when you’re inviting someone to a church event. With Facebook ads for example, you have so few characters to work with that you can’t give a complete Gospel presentation. Instead, your best bet is to invite them to your church where you can present the Gospel in an environment conducive to them responding.

2. Think Active not Passive – At Calvary, we use both Google and Facebook. I prefer Facebook because it’s a more active outreach approach. Instead of waiting for someone to type “Church in (my town)”, you can craft a message they can respond to by speaking their language in the copy.

3. Focus on Benefits, not Features – A feature is “Batteries included”. A benefit is “Ready to play with right of the box”. So write copy that explains the benefits of attending your church.

4. Track Results – The great thing about online outreach is that you can track results through analytics programs (such as Google Analytics). This way you can see how your ad is performing and modify/ adjust it as necessary based on its’ performance.


If you want to know how to use Facebook to reach people, register for our upcoming “Reach Your Community with Facebook” Webinar on August 17th @ 2PM EST.  This is a great way to get some training so you can have an explosive Fall. You can register here