Eye, Eye, Captain!

Bob FranquizUncategorized

I can barely type so please forgive any spelling errors. I had to go to the doctor today because my eye has been bothering me since last week. So I found out that I had Iritis (sp?)That means the iris has an infection. So this means I have all these eye drops I’ve got to put in my right eye, which is rendering me pretty much useless. The doctor said I won’t be able to read for a few days until the infection goes away because the medicine is making me see double. I also had to cancel a speaking engagement I had for Thursday, which was a bummer. But I wouldn’t be able to read my notes. Plus, I’d look like I was winking at the audience, which could get weird.

I went to dinner with some friends tonight and I couldn’t even read the menu. I told Carey that I want an eye patch so I can be in the Halloween spirit as a pirate, but also because it will make it easier for me to see. She finds it easier to make cyclops jokes ­čÖé I did find out that I have 20/15 vision, that was good to know.

So if you get a chance , could you pray for your one-eyed friend in Miami whose wife is driving him around because he sees twice as many cars on the road? I just hope I don’t miss the bags when the Trick or treaters come to my door.