Ernesto the Troublemaker

Bob FranquizUncategorized

It’s hurricane season campers! What does that mean for the Franquiz household?

#1 – Water – I cleaned Publix out of Fiji water (AKA nature’s tears)

#2 – Food – Plenty of food for such a time as this (Steaks, chicken, chips, etc…)

#3 – Propane – because the grill will be on!

#4 – Stuff to do – 3 movies from Blockbuster in case my dish goes out (Which I really hope not because the Red Sox are playing in Oakland which is a 10:05PM EST start time)

#5 – Books – As long as I have a flashlight, I’m good to go

#6 – Shutters – Please! I don’t put shutters on unless there’s at least a category two hurricane. So Ernesto gets the “Put anything that might become a projectile into the garage” treatment.

Carey and I are stuck in the house, but we’re ready for fun! Stay safe…