Endorsing a book…

Bob FranquizBooks

I just got send a manuscript from Nelson Searcy, Pastor of The Journey in NYC. He has a new book coming out called Fusion on the subject of assimilation and he asked if I’d write an endorsement for it (my first thought was, “I think he emailed the wrong person :). I’m a big fan of Nelson’s and have gotten to know him over the last year. I love his strategic thinking and passion for people far from God.

Anyway, I read the book in just a couples of days and it’s fantastic! I sent in my endorsement, but I want to encourage you, if you’re a church leader, buy this book!

I really believe that as church leaders the most important stewardship we have is the stewardship of people. This book can help us think through some important steps in helping those that God brings to us so they can reach full maturity in Christ. You can already pre-order the book here. If you really can’t wait, you can buy the assimilation seminar here.

The exciting part is that at least there will be 1 book out there with my name someone in it that people are actually reading ­čÖé