Eliminate the 4 Most Annoying Words a Pastor Hears

Bob FranquizLeadership

There are 4 words that Pastors hate to hear. Words that are like nails running down a chalkboard to any preacher.

I’m sorry to make you read them, but here they are…

I’m. not. getting. fed.

It hurt me just to write them.

They’re annoying.


But sometimes… they’re true.

Sometimes people really aren’t growing.

I’ve learned that there are times when churches don’t offer people a clear path to grow and christians feel stuck in their faith. The truth is, this is more common than we might realize.

One of the biggest reasons that people walk out the back door of churches isn’t because they weren’t greeted warmly or they didn’t like the music; it’s because they stopped growing.

That’s why having a leadership development process is so vital. Making leadership development the centerpiece of your discipleship model does so many good things, but here’s 2 huge benefits:

#1 – It silences all the people who say they aren’t being fed. 

When you have a process that leads people to greater degree of leadership and Biblical understanding, you will never have to worry about them leaving the church.

#2 – It creates a model where people know what their next step is. 

One of the reasons people say they aren’t growing is because they are confused as to what the next step is.

Leadership Ninja will help you build a system that disciples and trains leaders simultaneously.

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