Albert Einstein Could Help Your Church…

Bob FranquizGeneral

In 2004 our church was stuck.

We had grown at a good rate for our first 3 years and then we hit “the wall”.

We got stuck in our growth as a church and for the next 18 months, we grew by 10 people.


Not to sound ungrateful, but we had a whole city to reach and growing by 10 people every 18 months wasn’t going to cut it.

At first I believed the “I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing” myth. I learned that doesn’t work.

Here’s a leadership lesson (which is a loosely based on an Albert Einstein quote): to get out of the mess, you have to do different things than what got you into the mess.

Over the next few months, I learned why we were stuck. We took serious action and that next year our church doubled.

Now we’re celebrating a whole new phase in our church’s growth as we moved into a building and we expect things to accelerate even faster.

We’ve learned so much as we crossed over different growth barriers and that’s why I recorded a webinar called “5 Factors To Becoming A Fast Growing Church.”

You can’t buy a ticket to this exclusive event…but you can check out the replay here: