Bob FranquizChurch

Today was completely insane! Honestly, I’m glad it’s over 🙂 Spiritually, our entire staff has been getting attacked over the last 2 weeks. I’ve probably expand on that when I’m not completely wiped out.

I obsessed over this Easter message. I find holiday messages the most difficult to teach. Began the Gospel of Mark. I taught chapter 1, verse 1 and taught about what the Gospel of Jesus is. I enjoy teaching topically, but expositional teaching is how I cut my teeth teaching. It’s what our church was built on. I’m glad to be back teaching verse by verse.

Lots of people made decisions to follow Jesus. Every week it amazes me how open people are to the Gospel when it’s presented in terms they can understand.

The power went out twice during worship in the first service! Did I mention a spiritual attack? Mark did an amazing job of keeping things going without electricity. First service had a nice turn out. Second service was slammed. It felt nice. I look forward to next week. You can tell the strength of your Easter outreach by what happens the next week or two.

I’m looking forward to teaching on John the Baptist next week. He’s one of my favorite people to talk about. I heard there’s a good book out about him 🙂

Our volunteers are amazing! Our staff is awesome! Our God is awesome! I’m a blessed man!