Easter Week Facebook Outreach

Bob FranquizGeneral

Our Facebook promotion is exploding this week as we’re gearing up for Easter.

And this is the time to do it.

People are making their plans for the weekend right now.

So make sure they’re planning to come to your church.

Here’s what our Facebook engagement looked like this past week:

Easter engagement

Almost 11,000 people reached in the last week and we’re just getting started.

More importantly, this is just our church’s page!

A majority of the post engagement is happening through our congregation’s personal pages. 

Here’s my simple guidance if you haven’t gotten the ball rolling yet on Facebook:

  1. Create some graphics for your congregation to share online this week promoting Easter.
  2. Send an email to your congregation asking them to share online and invite this weekend.
  3. Comment and share on what your people post about Easter to encourage engagement and re-posting.

Facebook can be huge for reaching people if you do it right.

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