Drive ’05 – Session 5

Bob FranquizChurch

Andy Stanley brought it home during the last session as he talked about gaining and maintaining momentum. It’s amazing how simple stuff can be so profound. 3 things create momentum according Andy:

#1 – Something New

#2 – Something Improved

#3 – Something Improving

I just kept coming back to this whole idea thread that I heard over and over again that incremental change doesn’t really do much. Sometimes you just have to make a 180 to get to where God wants you. The whole experience was fantastic. I got visit Buckhead Church and spend some time with the amazing staff there (Thanks for the ice cream guys) and see what God is doing there. If you haven’t been to Buckhead, it’s great. I didn’t think I’d ever say this, but I like it better than the main Northpoint campus. It’s great.

Well, it’s 2AM and I haven’t gone to sleep yet (In fact, none of us have – we’re putting the finishing touches on the kick-off of our new weekend series, “Message in a Bottle”) and I need to be up by 3:30AM so I can turn my car in and be on a plane by 6AM. All this so I can go home to a hurricane. I’m still thinking about the logic of that. People usually run away from hurricanes, not fly into them. Oh well…