Double Your First Time Decisions

Bob FranquizChurch

I believe that right now is the best time to reach people. That’s why I’m doing a webinar  next Wednesday (July 20th @2PM EST) called, “Double the Decisions in your services”!

I’m going to lay out the 5 strategies needed to see decisions in your church every week.

Those of you who know my story know that we reached no one the first 18 months of our  church. However, in the last 18 months we’ve seen over 1,000 people make first time decisions and over 2,500 people recommit their lives to Christ.

I want to teach you what we’ve learned about evangelism and reaching people far from God in this 30-minute webinar on July 20th at 2PM EST.

Here’s the best part: The webinar is only $2.97! That’s it. I want there to be no reason for you to not participate in this nuts and bolts webinar.

Here’s the link to register —-> link