Dora the Explorer’s Evangelism Strategy

Bob FranquizChurch

Let’s be honest:

Most churches have no outreach strategy no speak of.

In fact, the majority of pastors are essentially throwing the proverbial Spaghetti-O’s against the wall and waiting to see what sticks.

It reminds me of one of my kids’ favorite TV shows: Dora the Explorer

Dora goes on all kinds of adventures, but she never goes anywhere without consulting “The Map”.

It sounds basic, but the lack of a clear outreach strategy not only hinders a church’s ability to reach people, it wastes tons of money in the process.

Because of this reality, we just released a brand new resource entitled, “Developing an Outreach Strategy”.

This is the “Map” you need to reach you community and spend far less in the process than most churches.

This resource will not only teach you how to use the tools at our disposal to reach your community, it will also help you develop a strategic approach to outreach.

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In fact, here’s what you’ll learn in this 5-CD resource that contains nearly 4-hours of teaching…

– Learn how to leverage every outreach tool for maximum effectiveness
– Learn how to get your outreach noticed
– Discover what most churches do that wastes money and reaches no one
– The 1 piece of information that is absolutely vital to reaching your community
– Discover how the calendar can be your ally in reaching people
– The 3 non-negotiable outreach philosophies that you must obey to reach your community
– The types of direct mail that get opened before anything else
– The simple, most overlooked strategies that you can employ right away to get your church growing again

Developing an Outreach Strategy normally sells for $149.95, but this week you can pick up the download version for $99.95 when you use the code strategy12.

I believe this is one of the most important resources I’ve ever released because it gives you the practices AND the principles behind our outreach strategy.

So click here to secure your copy.

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