Don’t Preach to Moms on Mother’s Day

Bob FranquizChurch

Historically, churches usually break out their best Proverbs 31 message on Mother’s Day and moms leave feeling inadequate for the task of being a mom.

Over the years I’ve taken a different approach. Instead of focusing on moms on Mother’s Day, I focus on talking about family. Why?

Mother’s Day is the one day that mom can get even the most hardened unbeliever to come to church, simply because she says, “All I want for Mother’s Day is for my whole family to go to church together.”

So to only preach to mom is a wasted opportunity to reach the whole family.

My advice to you: preach a message that the whole family can relate to. A message that even that hardened unbeliever can walk away knowing that message spoke to him or her as well.

If you do that, you’ll see the number of first time decisions increase because you spoke to the whole family rather than just mom.