Don’t Cut the Wrong Stuff

Bob FranquizChurch

Our staff Pastors are headed to the Catalyst conference today. It's got me thinking about the importance of learning environments where we can grow. I talk to a lot of leaders and I am bit shocked by what I hear leaders cutting due to finances. 

Many leaders are cutting coaching, resources, books, and conferences to balance the budget. If I can be so bold, cutting the things that are going to make you and your staff better leaders is equivilent to cutting off your arm so you can lose those last 10 pounds. Don't do it!

The old saying goes that if you train your staff you might be afraid they'll leave. But if you don't train them you should be afraid that they'll stay! There's other things that can get cut, but don't cut the very things that are going to get you out of the financial crunch you're in.  It's a short term solution that ends up creating a long term problem. 


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