Does Direct Mail still Work?

Bob FranquizChurch

The answer is a resounding Yes! 

In fact, to prove this point, let me post some stats from the U.S. Census Bureau that might encourage you to delve into the world of sending out direct mail for your next big Sunday at church.      

85% of people sort, process and open their mail everyday. 

75% of people say they are examining their mail more closely for coupons and other special offers and events. 

55% of people say they receive greater enjoyment opening their snail mail than their email (and this includes the 18-39 age group, by the way). 

40% of people say they tried a new business because they received direct mail from them. 

70% of people renewed their relationship with a business because they received direct mail from them. 

My point: you can reach a lot of people through direct mail if you do it right.  

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