Bob FranquizChurch

I've been somewhat of a rant recently because I see something in church world that is frightening. I'm watching larger churches hire staff members from other churches. While certainly this isn't sinful or ungodly, I would say that it's unwise. 

If you're a Pastor and you have no leaders to potentially bring on your staff team, you have a discipleship problem in your church. We can make excuses about why we do this, but at the end of the day if you have no hire your next assistant Pastor from another church, it says you don't know how to disciple people. 

Discipleship does not stop when we teach people the basics of the faith. Discipleship is guiding people to reach their full potential in Christ. That means leadership roles for some, faithful support roles for others, and Pastoral ministry for a few. 

As Pastors we need to have a path for people to continue to take next steps in their walk with God. If we aren't willing to disciple people to maturity, then we aren't really a church. We're just a spiritual show. 

At Calvary I'm blessed to say that we've never had to look outside of our church for staff. God has been faithful to bring us amazing people who love Jesus and His church. 

Let me also say that I'm not opposed to bringing in staff from the outside if it makes sense. What should alarm us as leaders is when we are forced to regularly go outside the church for staff because we have neglected to develop staff from within our church. 

Our job as Pastors is to equip people (Eph. 4). This is true at all levels. Let's get back to discipling people at all levels of their walk with Jesus.