Delivering the Goods

Bob FranquizGeneral

First, let me say that I love Orlando! If I wasn’t committed to spending my entire life pastoring CCML I would more here! Anyway, I spent the afternoon with my wife at the Mall at Millenia. This has to be the best mall I have ever been to! There’s inspirational words written on columns that surround areas for sitting. The floor of these areas are a huge sun dial. It is a very impressive place (Plus, they have a P.F. Chang’s).

But as I watched people walk by, many of them paid no attention to the exceptional shopping environment that had been created. Instead, they were looking for one word: sale! It spoke volumes to me about the church. We can have the coolest building and the latest architectural design, but we have to be able to deliver the goods: God’s Word! The outlet mall across the street from Millenia was packed full of people as well and they didn’t even have a clock, much less a sun dial! But they understood the needs of the people they wanted to attract and delivered the goods.

That’s why I’m so thankful to be part of a church like CCML. A church that’s full of people that drive past several churches on their way to a movie theatre to grow in their relationship with God and community with others. So if you don’t have all the bells and whistles, don’t worry about it. But ask yourself the question: Am I delivering the goods? If you are, then watch as God draws people in who need to hear the message He’s placed in your heart as you share it in a relevant and creative way…