Deeper Experience

Bob FranquizChurch

One of things I wrestle with as a Pastor and communicator is what to cut in my message prep. Like most Pastor/ Teachers, I have about 3 hours worth of stuff to share and most of it gets edited out to fit into a 40-45 minute message. So we decided to create a sheet each week for those that might want to delve a little deeper into a subject.

We call it “The Deeper Experience” and it has 5 sections:

Questions to ponder – these are some application based, but give opportunity for reflection.

Scriptures to Consider – This will consist of many of the Bible passages that I didn’t mention that still speak to the subject or area of scripture that was covered that morning.

Opportunities to Discover – This is either something for the person to receive further ministry or an opportunity for the person to minister to someone else.

Further Reading – Self explanatory

Further Resources – This is anything from a teaching series, website, DVD, etc…

I don’t know if this is helpful to any of the Pastor-types out there who are thinking of how to give people more tools to dig into the Scriptures for themselves. But here’s our latest experiment…Download say_what_deeper_experience.pdf