Craziness! Our Entire Store is 40% off!

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We’re Celebrating 3 years of coaching, resourcing and investing in leaders by doing our biggest sale of the year!


We’re putting all of our resources on sale this week for 40% off!

Yes you read that correctly!

Here’s a sample of the resources that are on sale:

The Leadership Pipeline                                  Digital Evangelism

Direct Mail Secrets                                            Getting Unstuck (new resource!)

New Believer Follow Up                                 21st Century Outreach Strategies

Pillars of a Healthy Church                            The Complete Membership System

Creating a Culture of Evangelism               The New Believer’s Class

How to Make Every Sunday like Easter   Laying the Foundation

The Tithe Challenge                                          The Church Budget

Plus, all of our sermon resources are on sale… Here’s a partial list:

10 Words (10 Commandments)                   Heroes and Villains (Judges)

Rethink (Ephesians)                                         Giant Killers (1 Samuel 17)

Prodigal (Luke 15)                                             Blueprint (Nehemiah)

Postcards                                                               Engage (Esther)

He Said/ She Said                                              Boy Meets Girl

The Blessed Life                                                 Fuel (2 Timothy)

It’s the End of the World as we Know it (Revelation)

Plus, much more.

Just add the resources you want into the cart and use the coupon code 3years at checkout and you’re receive 40% off on these resources.

Simply go to to get started.

This is our way of saying thank you for allowing us to be a small part of what God is doing in your church.

P.S. The sale ends on Monday, so don’t delay!