Cost of Facebook ads is Rising…

Bob FranquizChurch

I read this article today that said the cost of Facebook ads has risen 40% in the last quarter. (article link)

This means several things:

1. Facebook isn’t going to be the “cheap” way to reach people anymore.

2. There’s a lot more competition for your ad to get noticed.

3. If you aren’t trained on how to do Facebook ads effectively, you’re going to spend a fortune on Facebook ads and reach very few people.

That’s why in September at Outreach Ninja, we’re focusing on teaching you how to create killer ads for less that reach more people.

At Calvary, we spend about 1/2 of what the average church spends and we get way better results.

So I invite you to test drive Outreach Ninja for 14 days for only $2.97. This investment will pay for itself many times over. Plus, when you join you get $605.71 is bonus resources! And even if you cancel during the test drive, you can still keep the bonuses!

It’s a win-win! So here’s the link to test drive Outreach Ninja. Or you can pay a lot more for Facebook ads. It’s up to you.