Controversy Strikes!

Bob FranquizChurch

This week gets the “Weirdest week ever” award! I started a series on Sunday called “Origins” talking about who we are as a church, where the church has been and where we are going. The message has stirred more talk, conversation, meetings, e-mails, and rumblings than any other message we’ve ever done in 5 years!

What was the subject matter? End Times? No. Divorce? No. Sex? No. “Once saved, always saved”? No. Here’s what it was: Love. That’s it. Loving one another…

We’re getting tons of feedback. Mostly positive, some concerns. Check it out if you’re interested. In fact, subscribe to our brand-new podcast! The link is to your right!

There’s been so much talk that I’m going to follow it up with another talk on the same subject this weekend. We’re going to drill down a little deeper. Because we are never going to be the church God is calling us to be if we can’t get this one right!