Communion Time

Bob FranquizChurch

I am so excited about church this Sunday because we are having a special Communion service. We haven’t had Communion together as a church in a while, so I am really excited about all that our team has put together. The service is called “Encounter”, and we talking about how we can encounter God in the most unlikeliest of places. I can’t wait! I get like this when I’ve been on vacation for more than 4 days.

But I’m realizing that what I’m feeling is how I should always feel when I think of experiencing Communion. That’s why we don’t do it every week because I never want this holy act to ever feel commonplace.

Pastors, how are you leading your church in this area? How often are you partaking in Communion? Is there another environment other than Sunday morning that you are using to facilitate it? I’d love to hear your thoughts…