Coaching Matters (and a potential Scholarship)

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I've been getting feedback from the coaching network that just ended. 

I had a group of great guys that are making a difference for the Kingdom! (By the way, we're seeing an average of 20% growth from the churches involved in the network)

Someone offered to partially scholarship a Pastor who wants to be in the network, but finances are a concern. If you want to be considered for the scholarship, send in your application ASAP. Some have already applied for it and we'll do our best to help as many Pastors as possible.

The coaching network is for Senior Pastors and it begins on February 25th. We will meet once a month for 6 months. (The application has all the dates and times).

Here's what one Pastor who was in the network said: 

"Not only is Bob Franquiz a friend, I also had the opportunity to serve on his staff at Calvary Fellowship. My experiences personally and professionally with Bob have challenged my thinking and helped to prepare me to lead the church I started a few years ago. While not everyone can serve on Bob’s staff, everyone can glean from his leadership by being a part of his coaching network. I just went through it myself, and it has helped highlight certain areas I need to focus on and provided crucial insights to do so skillfully. If you are serious about growing your church, it begins with growing yourself. Bob’s coaching network is a great environment for that to happen in!"

If you aren't aware of what Bill is doing in Hartford, you should. He's doing amazing things in a spiritually dead area. So to hear this testimony from him means a lot to me. 

If you want to apply for the coaching network (which starts in a month), then click here to download an application. 

(Plus, everyone who gets accepted in the network gets a free copy of my resource, "The Productive Leader".)