Cinnabun and Direct Mail

Bob FranquizChurch

For those that think direct mail doesn’t work, think again!

Cinnabon’s sales had dropped due to decreased foot traffic in malls because of the recession. So what did they do? Direct mail!*

They started  a direct mail campaign and guess what? Sales went up!

This teaches us a couple of things:

#1 – Hard work pays off – I commend Cinnabon for not blaming the government or anyone else. Instead, they got creative, took a risk and their hard work paid off.

#2 – Direct mail still works – You just have to do it right. I’m having too many conversations with Pastors who are doing direct mail poorly and getting dismal results. Or they have abandoned direct mail altogether.

It’s time to use direct mail wisely and reach people all around us who are ready to hear the Gospel.

We’re going to talk about direct mail strategies that get killer results in our Outreach Ninja program. You can grab one of our charter membership here.

*I read this article in Nation’s Restaurant News. You can find it here.