New Resource: The Cash Crunch!

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Cash CrunchOver the last six months, I've probably had 50 conversations about church leaders who need were experiencing a cash crunch in their churches.  Many churches leaders are having to make tough decision and aren't sure what to do during this season.  Plus, leaders want to know how to get out of this crunch. 

After a few of these conversations, Pastors would say, "I wish I had recorded this conversation so I could give it to a Pastor I know who is experiencing the same thing."  So I decided to take their advice and record what I've been sharing with church leaders about what to do during tough economic times.  In this resource I share 21 steps church leaders can take to navigate the cash crunch and get out of the cash crunch.  

You can order "The Cash Crunch" Here. There's both a CD version and a downloadable version.

But since you're a faithful blog reader, I wanted to "hook it up" by giving you a coupon code for 20% off this resource.  Just type "crunch" (no quotes) in the coupon section during the checkout to receive the 20% discount.  

That means the download version of The Cash Crunch will cost you $7.98!  You can't beat that deal with a stick!

I really believe this resource will be a huge help to you and your church in the times in which we are ministering.