Church Pitfalls (Part 1)

Bob FranquizUncategorized

When we started Calvary Fellowship in 2000, we made so many mistakes. This week I’m going to share a few of those.

#1 – Conference “Confusion” – This is a illness that church planters (and many young pastors) get. They go to a conference and get really excited about the host church, the speakers, and the model being presented, that they go home and immediately try to change everything to match what the conference speaker was teaching. The problem is, once the next conference comes around, they go home and try to do the same thing. What happens is that after a short amount of time, the church loses its original vision and it becomes a Frankenstein church that’s a strange blend of a bunch of conference ideas and church models.

What cures this illness? Getting very clear from the beginning about your vision and sticking to it. More on that tomorrow…

If you’re interested is hearing about some other Church Planting Pitfalls, check out this resource Nelson Searcy and I did on the subject. If you’re a church planter interested in coaching, click here to be part of my new tele-coaching network exclusively for church planters! I have a couple of spots left.