Church Pitfalls (Part 5)

Bob FranquizUncategorized

#5 – I thought I knew everything – Just about every church planter I’ve ever met is a little cocky. Some are just confident in their calling and others are down right arrogant. I was a punk kid who thought he knew everything when I really knew nothing.

I believe one of the greatest assets of a church planter is being sure of his calling. But we can’t let that cause us to get to the point where we aren’t teachable. God opposes proud people but gives grace to the humble.

Hard times tend to beat arrogance out of people. Then we start to think we don’t know anything. Then wisdom and maturity set in and we get develop a sober estimation of ourselves. It’s a lot easier is we just start here.

If you’re interested is hearing about some other Church Planting Pitfalls, check out this resource Nelson Searcy and I did on the subject.